For Emerging Brands

We team up with start-up and emerging beauty brands to crack a concept, produce the perfect formula and strategize for the future, so even if you’re starting small, you’ll be ready for the big time.



Technical formula transfers and new product introduction by innovative, highly skilled chemists in state-of-the-art lab facilities


World-class Research & Development teams


In-house analytical laboratories including quality control, microbiology, and stability testing


Integrated services for product development that apply the latest trends and technologies, as well as sustainable materials and manufacturing capabilities, for end-to-end solutions customized to meet your company’s goals and brand values


Customizable lines that allow flexibility to support any size and scale product runs to meet your needs


Kitting ability to assemble ready-to-sell gift sets


Focused quality process guarantees brand integrity with every unit produced


Exceptional warehouse logistics delivers highly organized release and shipping of finished goods


Personalized project management at every stage of the product life cycle

Our Facilities

Bright Innovation Lab’s expansive facilities are spread across the U.S. and include an ever-growing complex of highly specialized departments, constantly updated with the latest technology. It’s a beautiful thing.

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