35 Years of Manufacturing Expertise

At our Ohio and Arizona locations, we specialize in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of cutting- edge home, beauty, personal and home care products. Additionally, we provide insights into R&D, innovation, and market trends within the industry.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we have established a dedicated R&D Innovation Hub in California. Here, we concentrate our efforts on research, experimentation, and innovation activities, including:

• Exploring and understanding market needs and opportunities
• Fostering breakthrough ideas and driving innovative concepts
• Collaborating on formulations, technologies, and engineering to commercialize new products

New Albany, Ohio

Our corporate headquarters and Midwest liquids facility specializes in producing high volumes through automated alcohol, emulsion, and surfactant lines, with a focus on serving the beauty, personal and home care markets.

Coolidge, Arizona

Our purpose-built powder facility in the Southwest specializes in handling peroxides and oxidants used in the manufacturing of hair treatments, bleach developers, and color products.

Our Arizona facility is one of the largest facility in North America for the development and manufacturing of bleach powders, running more than 70% of the bleach in North America and 15% of the bleach globally, making us experts in development and production of powders.

Santa Clarita, CA


In our unwavering commitment to advancing innovation and nurturing partnerships, we’re thrilled to introduce our R&D Innovation Hub. This dynamic space is crafted for our experts to converge, fostering creativity and propelling innovation to new heights with pioneering formulas and breakthrough products.

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