Hair Coloring

Unveil Your True Hue: Where Every Shade Shines

How does your brand stand out in one of the most competitive beauty market sectors? With the right production partner. Whether it’s creating the next must-have color or enhancing your current brand’s lineup, Bright Innovation Labs is the contract and development manufacturing partner ready to take your hair color products to the next level of brilliance!

We understand this market segment. With our manufacturing expertise and trend-setting insights, we can accelerate your brand or create a product line that will outshine the competition.

Elevate Your Hair Coloring Products

Experience unrivaled color excellence with us. As industry leaders, we provide private label and contract manufacturing services to create the most coveted hair coloring brands in the market.


Semi-permanent Hair Color (with & without ammonia)

Manufacturing permanent hair color that radiates richness and high-quality demands expertise. It entails meticulously selecting dyes and pigments, skillfully blending them with conditioning agents and other essential ingredients. This careful process ensures that the formula not only delivers vibrant color but also nourishes and protects the hair. Furthermore, we incorporate additional ingredients such as conditioners and antioxidants to ensure a smooth and even application.


Permanent Hair Color (with & without ammonia)

It takes skill to manufacture permanent hair color that looks rich and of high quality. Selecting appropriate dyes and pigments then mixing with conditioning agents and other ingredients to create a formula that will effectively color hair while also nourishing and protecting it. We add additional ingredients, such as conditioners and antioxidants to ensure smooth and even application.


Temporary Hair Color

Crafting temporary hair color requires expertise in selecting and blending safe, gentle ingredients that offer a short-term change to hair color. Our formulations of temporary hair color boast a wide range of shades and textures, providing versatility and ease of use for every hair styling need.

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